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The ELSE Consortium is administered by the following governing bodies: 
  • GOVERNING COUNCIL, formed by the Chancellors of the member universities or their representatives,
  • STEERING COMMITTEE, formed by one representative from each member university,
  • EXECUTIVE SECRETARY, led by officials designated by the Governing Council.
The Governing Council is the highest-decision making board; decisions are made through consent resolutions. This council is in charge of approving the Consortium's annual action plan; designating the Steering Committee and Executive Secretary officials; approving the Consortium’s annual budget; rendering the accounts and annual memorandum; and accepting new members of the Consortium, who need to comply with the established requirements.
The Steering Committee is in charge of carrying out the Consortium's objectives, selecting action policies, and analyzing and approving the actions taken by the Executive Secretary. This committee is in charge of presenting technical proposals to the Governing Council: action plans, reports and annual budgets. Moreover, it is in charge of:
a) presenting reports about the status of implementation of the projects, 
b) summoning extraordinary meetings of the Governing Council,
c) presenting the memorandum, inventory, and expense and income account,
d) performing tasks assigned by the Governing Council,
e) developing internal regulations necessary to fulfill the Consortium's purposes (the regulations need to be approved by the Governing Council),
f) setting the requirements, procedures and comptrollers for venue accreditation,
g) approving the conclusion of agreements with other institutions,
h) carrying out any other task assigned by the Governing Council.
One of the member universities of the Consortium is elected to be in charge of the Executive Secretary for two years and has the possibility of renewing the office for two additional years. The university selected by the Governing Council to be in charge of the Executive Secretary will propose a candidate to fulfill this position. The candidate must be a specialist in ELSE and cannot be part of any other board. The Executive Secretary carries out the decisions made by the Governing Council and the Steering Committee.

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