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The Executive Secretary is in charge of three technical committees: the Academic Affairs Committee, the Communication and International Affairs Committee, and the Administrative and Economic Committee.
The Academic Affairs Committee is in charge of:
  • Examination design: developing and piloting the CELU examinations, training examiners, administering the examination, correcting, and giving out the certificates.
  • Training of specialists: working together with the rest of the technical committees, organizing the CELU Colloquiums, and any other academic activity which may come up. 
The Communication and International Affairs Committee is in charge of:
  • Promoting the activities of the Consortium 
  • Contacting other institutions 
  • Putting forward agreements with other institutions 
  • Designing new ELSE projects
  • Analyzing state cultural and linguistic policies and proposing appropriate courses of action
  • Working together with other technical committees


The Administrative and Economic Committee is in charge of:

  • Auditing the work done by the administrators of the Consortium
  • Identifying financing sources
  • Looking for and applying for subsidies
  • Developing the annual budgets whenever it is required
  • Mediating between the Administrative Department and the Consortium
  • Organizing the Administrative Department and centralizing the information for the venues
  • Making the preliminary budget proposal for the Consortium
  • Identifying sources of financing -from the public, private, national or international sector; or from multilateral agencies.
  • Putting forward the organization charts and/or the procedure manuals so that certain courses of action can be implemented to reach the objectives proposed
  • Centralizing information for the different venues
  • Helping the different boards in administrative and economic matters.
  • Helping the Steering Committee and the Executive Secretary with the audit work carried out by the Administrative Department of the Consortium
The technical committees develop projects and reports about their own areas; create an environment where people are encouraged to share their experiences, doubts and initiatives with all the members of the Consortium; and generate ideas, projects and technical suggestions for the different boards.

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